When designing microservices in Node.js or any other language, these recommendations should be considered.

Package Manager

When writing Node.js code, you will most likely be using some packages. Because of this, it is recommended to use a Node package manager. Two commonly known package managers are npm and yarn. With a package manager you can easily run and test your code as well as install dependencies. Bee Travels currently uses yarn.


Web frameworks and RESTful APIs from this communication section play a key part in designing Node.js microservices.

One of the most common web frameworks for Node.js that Bee Travels takes advantage of is express. Using express allows you to create RESTful APIs. Here is the code for the Bee Travels API endpoint from the example in the main communication section. From this code we can see that there are two main components. The first are the comments that use decorators. This code takes advantage of the OpenAPI Comment Parser which helps with documentation of your API endpoint and displays it in your Swagger. The second main comonent is the actual Node.js express code the defines the GET API endpoint for getting destination data for a specified country and city and returns the necessary data in the form of a JSON object. It is also important to note that error handling is also being handled in this code and a different response will be sent if an error occurs.

Code Consistency

Expanding on this code consistency section, Bee Travels uses eslint and prettier as linters for code consistency.